Lucy runs the Cornish Marathon

Lucy Barkhuysen ran The Cornish Marathon for the Invictus Trust yesterday!!!

It was an incredibly challenging course ( known as the hardest road Marathon in the UK) hilly, bleak and cold! At Mile 16 she was in tears, freezing cold and soaking wet feet having to run through floods on the road. She wanted to give up, but she was running with two wonderful women who along with Looby, her mother, persuaded her that with a change of shoes and socks and more clothing she could do it! Looby then drove her car to support her for every mile right to the end!

An amazing achievement of mental strength and determination and two wonderful friends made in the process.

An emotional and memorable day!

Looby and Lucy are have an intense schedule of marathons, half marathons and 10K runs planned, all supporting Invictus as you can see from her “designer” running gear!

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