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Mental Health Unit Progress

Following a very successful meeting on 9th July the commissioners and stakeholders gave unanimous support to the project and agreed it should move forward to a full business case. The Foundation Trust will now develop the case in detail including costings and and understanding of how much it is currently costing Cornwall to send patients out of county. There will be more consultation regarding location and building design for which we will need your help.

After the loss of a loved one, my mood was something incomprehensible, I think it was depression, there was a feeling of emptiness, mood swings, lost appetite, I did not even want to go to work and communicate with loved ones. I don’t like visiting doctors, so we decided to take a course of Ambien. I gradually felt the improvement in mood, then I felt the appetite, and the desire to get everything in order.

Thank you so much for your support – your 2000 signatires on the e-petition was a powerful statement to make to the group and we published and read out a number of the very poignant comments you made on the blog. Steve spoke on behalf of Invictus at the meeting and is invited to the meetings to build the business case so we will keep you updated.

Project Invictus is pushing for a £5m capital build which will provide up to 15 beds for 13-25 year olds in Cornwall and will act as a hub for many other pro-active initiatives regarding adolescent menatl health in Cornwall.

If built it will be the first centre of its type in the UK that crosses the 18 age boundary between childrens and adults services.

We have the draft architects plans and the current business case if you are interested.

Thank you for your support.

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