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Mongol Rally !

Two fellow students of Amber’s at Cambridge University have decided to drive the Mongol Rally for Invictus !

In case you don’t know, the challenge is to travel the 10,000 mile journey from London to Mongolia, in a car of less than 1000 cc. You can choose your route however you like, but the idea is that you basically go in an old banger on one of the most challenging roadtrips ever, in the height of summer!
Their chosen vehicle is shown in the photo.

The two guys are called Miles Fan and James Brooks. They have chosen Invictus because they were struck with the story, and how it is for young adults or teenagers specifically. Everybody taking part in the Mongol Rally must raise money for Cool Earth, the designated charity, alongside their chosen one- and the boys have decided on a 70/30 split to Invictus!!!!!! We were absolutely overwhelmed to hear this – thank you so much.

They told me us about their progress so far:
They’ve planned their route, and have a blog which also shows their route.

They estimate that the entire journey should take them 35 days to complete.

They have worked out that they need £8000 to cover their journey costs, which they are getting through SPONSORSHIP by corporate companies, and some of their own money too. So far, a one-off donation of £5000 has already been made towards this sponsorship, and further £500 sums

They both have applied for all of the visas they need and travel insurance too

They have both researched and extensively thought about cultural sensitivities and things to take into consideration given that they have chosen to travel through Iran, and many of the ‘stans’ before hitting Russia & Mongolia!

Invictus are ready to spring into action behind them. The Virgin Money Giving page is now up and running, so we need to tell everyone about it and get sponsoring these brave and intrepid heroes!

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