Project Invictus

Project Invictus is our campaign for a £5m specialist adolescent mental health unit aimed at 13 to 25 year olds. The Foundation Trust have signed for a full business case and presented it to the commissioners for 14 beds plus out-patient services too. We have two possible sites agreed – one at Longreach and one at Cornwall College. The running costs are approximately £2.5m per annum which is roughly the same as Cornwall pays other counties to care for between 10 and 12 young people at any one time.

Lets spend Cornish money on Cornish children in Cornwall!

Anchor Fund

The Anchor Fund is open to the families of children who live in Cornwall but are being cared for in a mental health unit outside Cornwall. Invictus will make a one-off payment of up to £500 for those that qualify to help with travel and other costs. We aim to highlight the appalling situation that families find themselves in when their ill children are being cared for hundreds of miles from friends and family.