Anchor Fund

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Invictus Trust announces an extension to the Anchor Fund.

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The trustees of The Invictus Trust are proud to extension the launch of ‘The Anchor Fund’. The Anchor Fund is a resource available to families travelling out of county to visit their child / young person, who is being treated in a mental health facility elsewhere in the country. The enormous strain, financially and emotionally, travelling regularly from Cornwall to locations as remote as Manchester, Essex or Kent; to visit a son / daughter who is suffering from acute mental health issues, is an extra burden on a family who are already facing adversity. The Invictus Trust understands there to be approx. 10 – 15 adolescents at any one time being residentially cared for outside of the county. Whilst this is an unacceptable situation for the family, it is also an emotionally isolating experience for the young person. The Invictus Trust hereby pledges to award a sum of up to £500 per family to contribute to travel expenses, to any applicant who meets the criteria. (All application requests will be verified and the payment received promptly).

The young person must be resident in Cornwall, hospitalised in a mental health unit in another county and, from 1st July 2019, may be aged up to 25 years old.

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We at the Invictus Trust, feel that the Anchor Fund is a much needed resource, and we truly hope that it will assist in a small way and allow the families to focus on what is really important. We are truly appalled by the predicament that many Cornish children /adolescents, and their families, are finding themselves in, due to the lack of mental health facilities for young people in Cornwall. There were no suitable beds at all in the county until Autumn 2019 when many years of campaigning resulted in the Sowenna Adolescent Mental Health Unit opening in Bodmin for 13 – 18 year olds.

We continue to campaign for this specialised purpose-built centre in Cornwall to be extended to cover the whole adolescent phase from 13 – 25 years. This would allow young people to receive the care they need, in close proximity to their families and friends. In the meantime, we will assist those who are being so poorly let down by the lack of provision in Cornwall, through the financial aid of our Anchor Fund.


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Send your completed application form to:

Invictus Trust
73 Daniell Road